Yasuda Rechargeable Table Fan YS-RT32W


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Yasuda Rechargeable Table Fan YS-RT32W

Product Details

  1. Brand: Yasuda
  2. Type: Rechargeable Table Fan
  3. Overcharge and Overdischarge protection function
  4. 2 speed 16" Oscillating Fan
  5. Easy to carry
  6. Full charge indicator
  7. Battery: 6V 7AH Sealed Lead-Acid Rechargable Battery
  8. Fan:
  9. Low: 850 RPM
  10. High: 1030 RPM
  11. Charge Time: 12-15 hrs
  12. Time duration of Fan:
  13. DC High Speed: 3.5 hrs
  14. DC Low Speed: 5 hrs
  15. Time duration of LED: 70 hrs

Note: Manufacturing Warranty 1 Year

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