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NEPKART is home for your brand. If you don’t have an ecommerce website, or want to reach more customers! Then, you can impress your customers by selling your product and services online. Nepkart makes easy for you to sell over the internet.

You can ask for a proposal or send us an email. We believe our proposal will impresses at least a little, if you are not satisfied with proposal our marketing representative will help you understand more benefits of selling with us.

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Selling with NepKart helps you to showcase your products online. Your products are displayed in an online catalog that Nepkart organizes by category, brand and features so they're easy for customers to browse, search and filter and always look their best.

Sell as many products. NepKart has no limit in no. of products you want to sell. You can sell as many products as you want. A seamless checkout experience. Accept payments and sales instantly. We accept all major bank payments and online payment available in Nepal. From E-sewa to PayPal to local banks.

Does Nepkart Charge for selling / is NepKart Free?

Nepkart doesn’t charge the sellers and neither the buyers. Using Nepkart platform is always free.

How to Become a Vendor/ Seller with NepKart?

Send us your product details, images, text and price, you choose the products you want to sell us. We will list your products for free.

Reach millions of new customers
after we receive your products we will update them in our website. Now, Customers can start buying your product with confidence on Your products will be eligible for benefits that drive customer demand, will be genuine and provide all the freebies, service and warranty/guarantee as per your details.

Watch your business grow
when your products start selling on Nepkart, you will feel, really Nepkart and overall internet is a magic.

Business open 24/7, 365 days a year: 
Since this is an online store, it will remain open 24/7 and 365 days a year. People are becoming busier and have less time to go out for shopping.  Nepkart allows them to shop smartly, swiftly and hassle-free at any time.

You can conatct us today or email us at