About Nepkart

NepKart is an online trading portal and marketplace where individuals and businesses can buy/ sell products online. We give the sellers an opportunity to sell their products online. Reach more buyers in Nepal and globally. NepKart is a marketplace where multiple brands come under one domain system (www.nepkart.com). So, for a single product, buyers can have multiple options to choose form buy from. They can pay through their bank accounts, credit cards and online payment gateways available in Nepal and abroad.

NepKart.com is an initiative of NEPSOL (https://www.nepsolweb.com/ ). After the huge success of CLOTHESNEPAL (https://www.facebook.com/clothesnepal/), we have started NepKart.com.

NepKart is focused on providing genuine and customer focused service. We will list only genuine products from manufacturers and authorized importers. This makes Nepkart more reliable, genuine and quality oriented. We provide opportunities for small manufacturers and cottage industries to sell their products in the local market and abroad. Nepkart doesn’t have category limitation in selling the products.

NepKart is not only for the large traders and service providers. It also provides opportunities for small businesses and cottage industries to sell their products in the local market and abroad. Products like handicrafts, carpets, herbal tea and pashmina have huge potential in the international market but their businesses are not flourishing due to lack of appropriate medium to meet the interests of their customers. Nepali businesses are losing their market and global customers are not getting quality and cheap products. We, at NepKart, are determined to bridge that gap and create more opportunities for businesses and individuals.

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to grow our marketplace with ”ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE” motto which believes that NepKart will be the best shopping site in Nepal where buyers buy everything from day to day life to luxury items. For manufactures and authorized importers, Nepkart will be the one trading place where they can sell their products easily with the latest internet marketing technology and showcasing their online presence.

Our Mission is to offer excellent service to both seller and buyer in each of our disciplines, in accordance with statutory practices, codes of conduct and integrity, thereby introducing Nepkart and providing a leading marketplace to serve the people on any matter we can.

Why NepKart?

Business is changing its face every day. Modern business is increasingly becoming more competitive and complex. As new technologies are being espoused by businesses today, old ones are being discarded. Every form of business today, domestic or international, has to adapt to changes in technologies and keep up with the ever-changing pace.

NepKart provides businesses one such form of technology that they can use as their competitive advantage to get the edge over their competitors. We at NepKart, have a similar vision to change the way we do business here in Nepal. This might take us some time but given our relentless efforts to realize this dream, we can assure you that it will happen, eventually.

NEPKART is owned, managed and operated by young and energetic team with a passion to business. We have well past experience working in popular online shopping store of Nepal. We aim to provide people the best online shopping experience with genuine & branded products and local manufactured products. Although we do not lack motivation or encouragement, a little bit of encouragement and positivity from your side would definitely help us even more.

We would like to appeal to every individual that experience online shopping. Its safe secure and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Happy Shopping!!
Nepkart Team