Beko Air Conditioner (BCAS 480/481)


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Power Consumption (Watt)
Cooling  5500
Heating 5500
Cooling Current (Amp) 10.1
Heating Current (Amp) 9.9
Voltage/Frequency 220-240V/50
Cooling Capacity
Cooling Capacity (BTU/h) 48000
Cooling Capacity (Watt) 14000
Cooling Capacity (BTU/h) 52000
Cooling Capacity (BTU/h) 16000
Basic Information Perfect for large halls, restaurants, offices or showrooms. Powerful 4 ton cassette type with tons of features.
AC Tonnage 4 Ton
Type Cassette
Warranty Period 1 year
Jet Cool
Advanced auto swing
Dehumidifying Function
Automatic Temperature Control
Sleep Mode
Anti Bacterial Filter
Timer Function
Low noise airflow system
Hot start
Features GUIDE
Jet Cool/Heat Quick heating or cooling function by blowing air at high speeds for 30-60 mins until the room temperature reaches a desired temperature.
Dehumidifying Function By operating in cooling mode or fan only mode, the units can achieve comfortable humidity without lowering room temperature.
Automatic Temperature Control Smart BEKO technology ensuring the room temperature is maintained at a desirable state
Sleep Mode Under sleep mode, the air conditioner will automatically increase or decrease temperature and set it to desired state. Under this function the machine can maintain comfortable temperature while still saving energy.
Anti Bacterial Filter Anti- bacteria filter catches most small dust particles in the air and prevents bacteria reproduction and creates a healthy atmosphere.
Timer Function Energy saving function that can program your air conditioner to shut down when you don't need it. 
Advanced Auto Swing Advanced auto swing technology that recreates the flow of natural air by controlling the angle and movement speed of the air vane.
Hot Start Under hot start, the fan begins to operate only when the evaporator's temperature is warm enough. Thus, preventing any uncomfortable cold blasting. 
Low Noise Airflow System BEKO air conditioners are equipped with low noise air flow system that keeps your room the most comfortable place to be in, without making any noise.

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